Setting up, Easily!Edit

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Setting up EasyRules is actually quite easy! The first thing you need to do is locate the rules.txt file. To do this, navigate to your plugins folder. This is usually found where you keep the Craftbukkit.jar file. Open the plugins folder and locate the EasyRules folder. Inside this should be a file called rules.txt . Open this file with ant text editor or word processor. It may look pretty daunting as it doesn't give you any directions. That's why this was created. The genius is the simplicity of the guidlines, or syntax, which gives you the ability to quickly change and edit your rules. It also allows you to create seperate pages, helping you organize the rules that suites the server best!

Here is some imporatant information:Edit

To create a join message (as to alert people that you have rules) type


on the first line of the rules.txt document. Anything typed after the the equal sign (=) will be displayed on everyone's screen when they join.

The MAIN pageEdit

Pages are extremely easy to create. The pages contain the rules you want people to see, so it would be a good idea to create them. The first page you want to create is the MAIN page. This is the page accessed when people type the "/rules" command. This is a good place to put the table of contents and instructions on how to access the rest of the rules. The main page is declared by putting the tag:


in front of what you want to be in the main page. For example, typing

[main]This is a very easy program

Will show up on the screen when people type the /rules command in the text box.

NOTE When declaring the MAIN page, the actual word, MAIN, must be lowercase. NO uppercase! Don't make that mistake!

The Other Pages!Edit

To declare a new page, use the same format. For example:

[one]this is page one

would show up when people type "/rules one" . The guidlines for accessing pages in-game is:

/rules <page-X>

"page" is the name of the page you want to access and the "x" is what row you want. Also, pages do not have to be numbers, they can be anything you want, but the name, main, as it declares the main page. Another thing, is that EasyRules supports colors. Everything that the people will see can be colored!

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