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Easy Colors!Edit

Another great feature of EasyRules is that it supports colors! It also does NOT require you to memorize any color code, which helps for easy memorization. The basic guidlines, or syntax, is:


Color = the color you would like (see list below)

Declaring a color will change the color of the text directly after the tag. The text color will remain until another color is declared. Then, only the after the NEW COLOR will be colorized.

Color ListEdit

EasyRules supports the standard range of minecraft text colors. The list is as follows:

  • @@ = white
  • @red@
  • @pink@
  • @gold@
  • @blue@
  • @gray@
  • @aqua@
  • @green@
  • @black@
  • @yellow@
  • @darkred@
  • @darkblue@
  • @darkgray@
  • @darkaqua@
  • @darkgreen@
  • @darkpurple@